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CAFM – Computer Aided Facility Management


The main purpose of asset management is to provide clients with first-class services, reduce operating and maintenance costs, as well as energy consumption.

Facility management is not only simple maintenance and budgeting. Efficient facility management in a very sophisticated way balance between reduction of unnecessary costs of reactive maintenance and minimize unnecessary risk downtime, thereby preventing from disabling of the customers business. Many organizations have already discovered that seamless planning coupled with the implementation of maintenance plans, can reduce operation and regular maintenance costs by 10 to 15%.

Planon management solution minimizes  possible time of outage and downtime, in a way that helps manage the complete life cycle of the building. Planon supports performing routine maintenance activities - activities required to spend at the right time - and in this way to calculate the cost as well as the elimination of potential problems. At the same time enables the monitoring of compliance with applicable legislation, and thus allowing the organization to conduct its business.

Planons Maintenance Management solution incorporates:

  • Asset Management
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Work safety and fire protection
  • Mobile solution
  • WEB interface
  • Space Management 

ASSET MANAGEMENT: Ensure business continuity without interference with core business

Assets and systems support your companys business processes.Problems and malfunctions can lead to major disruptions and lost of productivity. Nonoptimised systems as well as unplanned repairs impose additional costs of maintaining facilities and thereby burdening your core processes.

PLANON solutions for facilities and systems management allow you access to the entire process, from procurement through to the start of use, to management, to removal or sale of business assets.

Systems management, regardless of whether it comes to machines, furniture, computer equipment, or vehicles, will be considerably simplified, since you will get a better insight into the vital components of installations and equipment, where they are located, about expiration of the warranty periods and when it is required to replace individual components or spare parts. It simplifies issue of responsibility, since all units are referenced and attributed to suppliers, customers and service providers. Thereby it is not unimportant fact that you will be able to track the history of facility and equipment maintenance. This way provides a simple evaluation of the financial side, as well as the assessment of the cost-effectiveness of further investment in the maintenance of a specific facility or system in relation to its eventual replacement.

With Planon CAFM tools, organizations are able to simplify and reduce unnecessary  works and activities, and therewith cheapen the facility and systems maintenance.

 REGULAR MAINTENANCE:  Retain asset value and reduce costs

The main purpose of regular maintenance is to preserve and increase the reliability of facilities and systems. Automated solution provides organizations continuous monitoring and control of all necessary and legal activities, as well as contracted activities due SLA contracts. This way allows efficiently and reliably managing of systems.

With Planon organizations are able to monitor all internal and external contracts and informations like notice periods, general business conditions or contracted service levels (SLAs). Planon possesses an automatic reminder system for different terms, for example  maturity of certain contractual obligations, guarantees or tests.

Facility managers must be able to organize regular maintenance quick and centralized, as well as to track and monitor planned activities. Planon provides tools to facility managers, through which they can draw up plans for maintenance, as well as to monitor the efficiency of all the activities in order to establish benchmarks. Large selection of reports that can be adapted to all requirements of clients or customers, increases the transparency of the activities and allows through different functions monitoring of what is needed in the organization.The modification from a reactive to proactive behavior in terms of facility management activities can provide savings by 10 to 15%.

REPAIRS:  Minimise downtime and ensure productivity

In today's business world, organizations require and expect solutions which ensure optimum conditions and help employees to achieve best business results. Planon provides realisation of expectations in a way that provides to all employees in the organization reports of malfunctions or failures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using Planon employees report disturbances or failures, and require their removal by service personnel. At the same moment when the request is routed to the appropriate service personnel, authorized user of the CAFM system can:


  •         Access the status of a work order
  •         Process the work orders , close them and allocate them to appropriate cost groups
  •         Control the total volume of all work orders
  •         Control the alignment of the activities with SLA-TV of FM provider 


Planon solution enables organizations to efficiently process a greater amount of work orders and effectively control the activities of foreign suppliers. All datas are stored within the CAFM system  in order to ensure request  that all information are available and maintained  in all cases, as in the case of switching FM services suppliers. For this reason, the Planon solutions can be fully integrated into the corporate Intranet.

 MOBILE SOLUTIONS: Necessary information at any time and anywhere

Mobile solutions offer comprehensive opportunities for optimization of support processes, as well as cost reduction.Planon mobile solutions consists set of applications that enable and support all business processes.

Mobile applications ensure that all employees have timely and secure access to all the necessary information. Users have insight into contracts, work orders, bookings and all other written records in the system at any time and in any place. Planon mobile applications allow all of the above mentioned to our employees, external partners and customers.

 INTEGRATION OF CAD SURFACE:A complete overview of the use of space

In order to achieve more efficient space management and resettlement it is important for organizations to have a complete picture of the current use of space. It is often the case that the required data are located in different locations and in different formats, so it's virtually impossible to easily find the necessary data and use them. Planon solution for integration of CAD surface allows importing CAD drafting into the Planon database and therefore easily and efficiently use of available data in order to efficiently space management, planning and implementation of resettlement, which ultimately saves time and money.

Visualization of the floor draft, use of space, free flexible workplaces, evacuation gate, technical information, dimensions and sizes

Sinchronization of changes that have been implemented in CAD drawings, enables Planon without unnecessary licenses for AutoCAD

Creating graphical reports in terms of surface types , cleaning standards, cost groups, departments and systems

Integration with other Planon functionalities, including  reservation systems, relocation or renovations

Functionality (simplistic representation)

The employee - entitled by the customers – writes a note online in the CAFM system, directly in his workplace. For example, it can concern a defective air-conditioning in a special room.

Our employees immediately receive on their computers, tablets or smartphones the relevant demand note, also on the way. Our employee confirms the receipt of the announcement and can inform the customer, in which period which steps are initiated to repair the fault.

The customer can follow up at any time the stage of the problem solving. And if demanded, he can be integrated in the whole process. If spare parts are required, or attack costs about a limit determinable by the customers, the approval will be requested and can be confirmed again without any time delay.

After the fault repair, for every received requirement a report is compiled. Thus the customer can pursue exactly whether the response times agreed in the service specifications and the budgeted costs were kept. All costs can be charged through the CAFM program directly to the affected technical asset, if requested also to the single device. This allows planned investment decisions on sound cost base.